Accomplished today:

*Clean House… (okay, well, kitchen, desk, living room and dining room… the bathroom and bedroom shall wait until marrow!)

*Saw Taira, Jeff & Logan (they came over!!!)

*Worked this morning.

Saw today:

Connor was in bed for his nap, I kept checking on him, everything was fine, then about twenty minutes after I had last checked on him, I go into his room, and he’s got blood every where!  All over his face, up his nose, in his hair, on his hands, on his shirt, it has coagulated on his sheets… so much blood!  Of course, I started crying, thinking if he had a nose bleed, it’s not normal for babies to have bleeding nostrils!!!  And then he gets in the bath, and I see, it’s a torn top frenulum, and it is just bleeding and bleeding and bleeding.  Tonight I did a search to see if this is common, and it is!  I found an awesome blog here and her son did this to himself awhile ago.  Then I see that this type of injury is “usually” indicative of child abuse!!!  (If spoiling my son is child abuse, then I’m guilty, I sure as hell have never ever ever smacked him in the mouth!)  I’m assuming since he has started pulling himself up and all these fun things, that he must have fallen with something in his mouth or onto something.

Scared me to death!!!!