Tonight I was able to witness Logan coming into the world!  How exciting an experience it was!  My only, ever, birth I have witnessed and been a part of, other than my own, which were c-sections.  I video taped it for Taira and Jeff and I am so blessed to have been a part of it!  Jeff asked if it was my first live birth viewing, to which I responded that it was the ONLY one I have been too and that Taira is the only one I would do this for, and then I had to say, well, if Andrea got pregnant, and she wanted me to witness it and be there and hold her leg, I totally would, but only for her and Taira.  🙂

He is beautiful.  I have pictures, but now I am going to go to bed.  I am smiling on the inside.


My bestest-est-est next to my husband-est friend in the world is being induced.  She had an ultrasound today and she has low amniotic fluid levels.  I am now a little worried after reading what this can result in, and I’m sure that everything will be fine, but I’m definitely going to throw a prayer of concern out there to the powers that be.

Well.  I’m going to work, then to go home, grab camera and head to hospital.


Hello Reader(s)?

How was your fourth of July?  For me, it was just another day.  Syd was with grandma & grandpa and I was mad at Travis for doing things that guys do, I had an interview with a sports photography company that went really well, however, he is now being very flakey and not returning emails or phone calls.  Interview with the vet hospital in T I P P went very well.  I go in Monday to do a “job shadowing” and to go out to lunch with the “girls” that I will work with.  I think it will be a nice job.  Travis cut off the tip of his thumb last night with the knife when he was cooking dinner.  It was pretty gross.  The whole tip was still stuck to the knife, I had to throw it away.  That was SUPER gross.  I had to put my head between my knees because I thought I was going to pass out.  Anyone want some finger with your onion??  It seems every fourth of July something happens that is not very positive.

Sydney is going to try out to be in a play in Greenville.  She wants the lead part.  Imagine that!

Who do I care most about?  Most definitely my children.  There’s no other answer for that question.  Sydney undoubtedly saved my life and Connor came along at a time when I needed to learn how to be patient again.  He has definitely changed me for the better.  I’m sure that Sydney is thankful that I have become refocused on my children and have tried to rein in my impatientness.  After all, she is the one who deserves to act impatiently.  (She is 8, going on 13!)
I also love my husband.  He is probably the only person in the world who loves me enough to stick around even though I am crazy!  I know I couldn’t live with myself if he and the children weren’t here!  I’d go absolutely stir crazy!

To think that three years ago, you could not have told me I’d be any happier than I was then, but I am so happy.  My life is right where it is supposed to be.  I have a husband who adores me, a daughter who couldn’t love me any more, and who I am so proud of and love, and a son that is thriving, smilie, happy, and lovey!!!  Photography is going well, and my job isn’t too bad!

I think that ranking just about up there with these three people are my grandparents and my parents and my brother!!!  I truly wouldn’t be who I am without them, and I wouldn’t have what I have without them… good or bad, they love me and I love them.  Plus, my brother was smart enough to marry this really cool girl who I couldn’t love anymore than I already do!  I just wish I didn’t miss them so bad!!!!

Anyways.  There’s an entry about who I care the most about!!!!

Today I had court.

Before you freak out, it was for speeding.

I was scared to death all morning, nervous, anxious. However you put it, it was FEAR.

I left the office around noon, armed with information on traffic school online, my last plea if it came down to it, for having my charges reduced or gone. I had to take proof of insurance since the insurance card in the Vibe when I got pulled over was expired… as of MARCH of this year.

I got to court and the funniest little old man came in and started to explain to us the rules of the court room. He was humorous. Talking about respect and dress code and “hooligans”. Then the judge came on the tv (a video tape) and informed us of our rights and the pleas we could make and what they meant. Then I mentally freaked out because the tape said that if you enter a plea of not guilty you come back for a hearing. (ugh!) So I prepared to gather the courage to ask the judge if this was the case for a speeding ticket.

Everyone rises, the judge comes in. He doesn’t look “too tough”. He calls the first guy. He goes up, is there on an infraction of parking in a handicapped spot and he pleads guilty…

Then the judge tells him that pleading guilty will result in a $250 fine and that if he states not guilty he can go to court and pay LESS fees and pretty much tells him to plead not guilty. So he states, “not guilty” and goes out to the lobby. The call someone else, they aren’t there. Then they say…

Erika R i c e.

I go up and realize they are calling two other people with me. I go first, he asks me if I understand my rights, I state yes, but that I wondered if I plead not guilty on this charge if I will have a hearing set. The judge explains to me that I will, and so I state that I would like to enter a plea of no contest. He explains to me what no contest means, which I state I understand, and then he asks me if I have any more information for him in regards to my charge. I then state that I do and that my husband is unemployed and that I am working part-time and came on my lunch and that we really can’t afford to pay the fine and that I have looked into traffic school… at which point he interrupts me (kindly) and apologises for interrupting me, but states that he knows I am a really good person and that he is going to reduce my violation to a no-points violation and that he will find me indigent and I will not be required to pay any fees. I then ask if I need to give him proof of insurance and he tells me that I can just give it to the clerk. Then I let out a big sigh of relief and leave the court room. I would be lying if I didn’t get a little emotional about the whole not being able to afford it. Which is why I think he let me off, but he seemed really nice, and I haven’t had any infractions since three years ago, when I got my… oh. Well. I guess I have had three speeding tickets in my life. One in January of 2003… one in July of 2005 and this last one that was June of 2008. Wow. I guess I need to keep my foot off the gas.

Thankful for small miracles. We really could not afford a ticket.

Good news! (Well, other than above)

Travis has a job. He’s been working for a week and a half now. I have a meeting tomorrow morning with a photographer who is looking for another photographer to work with him. (Fingers crossed!) and I have an interview next week at T I P P city Vet H o s pital. Which would be funny if I got that, because my brother works at a vet hospital.

Kids are doing wonderful. The other night, J E F F my evil parent, screamed at me from the bleachers and made a huge ass of himself. Then last night we got double booked on a field, so we were not able to play either. Fourth of July is tomorrow, Connor is 7 months tomorrow also! Sydney will undoubtedly want to go to the West Milton fireworks, (they have a festival with rides). Perhaps we should call one of her friends to go with us so she has someone to ride rides with? Hmm. To think about.

Well. Almost time to go here at work. I’m going to start the closing portion of my day.

Where the people who I love most in the world are. Home is my husband, my children, my grandparents, my parents, my brother, my sister. Home is where people love me, where I can be myself and not be judged. Home is where I am happy, where I can cry and where I can scream and let it go. Home is where I can be forgiven, and also forgive. Home is where I laugh, where I smile, where I am me.

Home is most definitely with whoever is in my heart and where ever my heart is.

Readers, today, I am TIRED.

Last night the mini-girls and I, we won a game. Killed the opposing team, actually. The girls were on. They were hitting like crazy, which is why we won because our defense was NOT the best. To be honest, there was lack of hustle. But. At the end, they were hustling and the other team pretty much just gave up. Which is fine because we were run ruling them anyways. Syd was rocking the bat too. She’s using a heavier bat, and she’s really been able to smack the ball. We have another game tomorrow night, but I’m not sure how that is going to pan out because we are supposed to get a lot of rain.

So the hubby has an interview next week at a local hospital. :: fingers crossed :: I really hope he gets it. The car company wants to repo my car. 😦 Well, not repo so much as to “buy it from me” because I owe less than what the car is worth, so really they want to take advantage of my situation under the guise of “helping me out”. The stupid effin’ attorney still HAS NOT called me back about the $400 she wanted in regards to hiring an “expert” to testify about the condition of the car that Richmond Toy-ota sold us. Ugh. That car does not even START, and hasn’t since we brought it home.

Bottom line today:

I am stressed out about money. I don’t feel good. I am stressed.