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you should be so concerned.

i really am getting to the point where i don’t even




and in unrelated news…

where is my fucking cheesecake?


“A lot of Americans are concerned about our economy,” Bush said. “I can understand why. Gasoline prices are high, energy prices are high. I do remind them that we have put a stimulus package forward that is expected to help boost the economy. And of course, we’ll be monitoring the situation.”

God.  What a F U C K I N G idiot.

“we’ll be monitoring the situation” is code for, I don’t give a flying fuck. and ps.  the stimulus isn’t going to “boost” the economy.  If anyone can afford to spend their stimulus on “crap”, they don’t need it!

Accomplished today:

*Clean House… (okay, well, kitchen, desk, living room and dining room… the bathroom and bedroom shall wait until marrow!)

*Saw Taira, Jeff & Logan (they came over!!!)

*Worked this morning.

Saw today:

Connor was in bed for his nap, I kept checking on him, everything was fine, then about twenty minutes after I had last checked on him, I go into his room, and he’s got blood every where!  All over his face, up his nose, in his hair, on his hands, on his shirt, it has coagulated on his sheets… so much blood!  Of course, I started crying, thinking if he had a nose bleed, it’s not normal for babies to have bleeding nostrils!!!  And then he gets in the bath, and I see, it’s a torn top frenulum, and it is just bleeding and bleeding and bleeding.  Tonight I did a search to see if this is common, and it is!  I found an awesome blog here and her son did this to himself awhile ago.  Then I see that this type of injury is “usually” indicative of child abuse!!!  (If spoiling my son is child abuse, then I’m guilty, I sure as hell have never ever ever smacked him in the mouth!)  I’m assuming since he has started pulling himself up and all these fun things, that he must have fallen with something in his mouth or onto something.

Scared me to death!!!!

In Newsweek, they had a story about how openly gay Larry was killed by straight “homophobic” Brandon. The story was very well written, and to be honest, was very good about talking about both sides of the coin in relation to the issues at hand. (I.E. The downplaying of how Larry harrassed Brandon in school and the manner in which he harrassed him) and the truth in regards to how Brandon reacted to Larry and how Larry liked to “push” the envelope. In my opinion, this is not a “black and white” issue.

The gay community is turning it into a gay issue, when in fact, it should not be one. I love all of my gay friends, and I am in no way homophobic (at one time, thought I was bi!), but this issue is more than a straight kid killing a gay kid. I think of Columbine and all the other issues where bullying was a factor…

If Larry had been popular and had been terrorizing Brandon, what would the story be then?

How can we scream, don’t treat the gay society differently just because they are different, but then handle a story about a “gay” child and his murder and make the point that he was gay the prominent story line?

There are children every day who aren’t gay, or who are, really, it doesn’t matter what their sexuality is. Kids are killing kids, and it needs to stop.


Tonight I was able to witness Logan coming into the world!  How exciting an experience it was!  My only, ever, birth I have witnessed and been a part of, other than my own, which were c-sections.  I video taped it for Taira and Jeff and I am so blessed to have been a part of it!  Jeff asked if it was my first live birth viewing, to which I responded that it was the ONLY one I have been too and that Taira is the only one I would do this for, and then I had to say, well, if Andrea got pregnant, and she wanted me to witness it and be there and hold her leg, I totally would, but only for her and Taira.  🙂

He is beautiful.  I have pictures, but now I am going to go to bed.  I am smiling on the inside.

My bestest-est-est next to my husband-est friend in the world is being induced.  She had an ultrasound today and she has low amniotic fluid levels.  I am now a little worried after reading what this can result in, and I’m sure that everything will be fine, but I’m definitely going to throw a prayer of concern out there to the powers that be.

Well.  I’m going to work, then to go home, grab camera and head to hospital.


Hello Reader(s)?

How was your fourth of July?  For me, it was just another day.  Syd was with grandma & grandpa and I was mad at Travis for doing things that guys do, I had an interview with a sports photography company that went really well, however, he is now being very flakey and not returning emails or phone calls.  Interview with the vet hospital in T I P P went very well.  I go in Monday to do a “job shadowing” and to go out to lunch with the “girls” that I will work with.  I think it will be a nice job.  Travis cut off the tip of his thumb last night with the knife when he was cooking dinner.  It was pretty gross.  The whole tip was still stuck to the knife, I had to throw it away.  That was SUPER gross.  I had to put my head between my knees because I thought I was going to pass out.  Anyone want some finger with your onion??  It seems every fourth of July something happens that is not very positive.

Sydney is going to try out to be in a play in Greenville.  She wants the lead part.  Imagine that!

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