4 Years Ago 4 Years ago, when I sat up and watched Bush get re-elected, I was happy, hell, delighted even. I had voted for him four years ago, and also eight years ago when he ran against Gore, as my first ever presidential election as a voter. Four years later, yesterday, I was ashamed to say I voted for him.

Last night, we made history. We elected an African American president. I didn’t vote for him because of the color of his skin, I voted for him because I think that he can do a better job at cleaning up the monkey mess that the other person I helped put in the white house made. I think that John McCain could have done a decent job, well, at least better than Bush, maybe a little. And if he had won, I would be hopeful to see that he would make the changes he said he was going to make. I have never sat back and called people who are voting for McCain stupid, or retarded, or idiots. People I love voted for McCain, and because we live in a society where we can make up our OWN damn minds, and vote for who we want to vote for, I embrace the fact that everyone is allowed to have their own opinions about who would run this country better. And regardless of who my friends voted for, I still love them. I might not have liked some of the generalizations that I heard, the ignorant information being tossed around, some of the names I was called and stereotypes about democrats that were thrown on me simply because of who I was voting for, but I am proud that I voted for Obama the “socialist” “communist”. I am a registered republican, but no more. I am registering as an independent. One of the really big reasons I didn’t vote republican this year was because when I went to Washington, none of the republican congress or senate would meet with me. Their aides wouldn’t even meet with me, but ALL of the democratic ones did, even Senator Lugar from Indiana, where I am not even a constinuent. The other was that I felt like McCain put a woman on the ticket, to gain women votes, and I think (my opinion, like it or leave it) that she was grossly unqualified to run as vp and he could have chosen a better running mate and could have won the White House, and my vote if he had done so.

The bottom line is that we needed something different. Obama (not the muslim, not the terrorist, not the radical) is that difference, and I am hopeful that he will be able to pull this country out of it’s recession. I hope that all voters, republican, democratic, independent, green, etc, can come together and do what we have to do to rebuild our country.

Today, I am excited, anxious and hopeful for the country. Let’s just hope he will try to do what he says he will do WHEN he gets into office 01/20/09.