Can I just comment on the level of intelligence and wittiness that it takes for someone to change “Obama” to “Osama”!  I mean, WOW!  Did you really come up with that all by yourself?  It takes a really intelligent person to change one letter in a man’s name to make it the name of a terrorist.  Who, by the way, we financed and enabled to be who he is and to do the things he did.  Oh.  And PS.  Obama isn’t anything like Osama… contrary to Republican spin, he is NOT a Muslim, and even if he were… here’s a shocker, are you ready?  Sitting down?  Newsflash: ALL Muslims are NOT terrorists.  That’s like saying all Republicans are idiots because Bush is an idiot.  See?  Not fair.

To those who have said such, as my neighbor who I thought was intelligent, but instead is ignorant and wears a Obama Osama bumpersticker… Way to be super smart!  Here’s your gold star.

Ugh.  Be intelligent, not ignorant, regardless of who you are voting for… it’s really not that hard.