In Newsweek, they had a story about how openly gay Larry was killed by straight “homophobic” Brandon. The story was very well written, and to be honest, was very good about talking about both sides of the coin in relation to the issues at hand. (I.E. The downplaying of how Larry harrassed Brandon in school and the manner in which he harrassed him) and the truth in regards to how Brandon reacted to Larry and how Larry liked to “push” the envelope. In my opinion, this is not a “black and white” issue.

The gay community is turning it into a gay issue, when in fact, it should not be one. I love all of my gay friends, and I am in no way homophobic (at one time, thought I was bi!), but this issue is more than a straight kid killing a gay kid. I think of Columbine and all the other issues where bullying was a factor…

If Larry had been popular and had been terrorizing Brandon, what would the story be then?

How can we scream, don’t treat the gay society differently just because they are different, but then handle a story about a “gay” child and his murder and make the point that he was gay the prominent story line?

There are children every day who aren’t gay, or who are, really, it doesn’t matter what their sexuality is. Kids are killing kids, and it needs to stop.