Readers, today, I am TIRED.

Last night the mini-girls and I, we won a game. Killed the opposing team, actually. The girls were on. They were hitting like crazy, which is why we won because our defense was NOT the best. To be honest, there was lack of hustle. But. At the end, they were hustling and the other team pretty much just gave up. Which is fine because we were run ruling them anyways. Syd was rocking the bat too. She’s using a heavier bat, and she’s really been able to smack the ball. We have another game tomorrow night, but I’m not sure how that is going to pan out because we are supposed to get a lot of rain.

So the hubby has an interview next week at a local hospital. :: fingers crossed :: I really hope he gets it. The car company wants to repo my car. 😦 Well, not repo so much as to “buy it from me” because I owe less than what the car is worth, so really they want to take advantage of my situation under the guise of “helping me out”. The stupid effin’ attorney still HAS NOT called me back about the $400 she wanted in regards to hiring an “expert” to testify about the condition of the car that Richmond Toy-ota sold us. Ugh. That car does not even START, and hasn’t since we brought it home.

Bottom line today:

I am stressed out about money. I don’t feel good. I am stressed.