May 2008

Fifty percent of soldiers who killed themselves had recently suffered a failed relationship with a spouse, girlfriend or other loved one.

What are we doing about this? It is NOT fair to our soldiers.

we need to bring them the fuck home because when they aren’t killing themselves, we’re killing them by keeping them over there…



Well tonight we played Jackson.  I’m not really sure why it was called Jackson, seeing as it was in/near Campbellstown, on Campbellsville-Connorstown road or some crap like that.  The girls put forth an excellent effort, too bad the player who played the pitcher position on the field on Jackson was the whole team and she kicked our butts.

Our batting wasn’t the best tonight either, though and the girls didn’t have very much hustle in them.  Our “best player ever” missed 3 balls she should have caught (best player ever according to her dad, who told her NOT to tell me that Jackson can bat… which is pretty shoddy considering but wtf ever.)  So she’s in the outfield next game for a couple of innings.  We’ve got another game on Friday, playing the other FM team, who I imagine we will beat, but I guess we will see.  Sydney didn’t pay attention to the batters on the other team, and one of the other girls was playing in the sand, and when she asked me if she could play a base, I told her that when she stops playing in the dirt, maybe I’ll put her on a base.

Coaching is hard work.  Really.  No problems with parents everything went well.  I’m excited for our next game and not dreading them anymore.  Thank GOD!

Work today went fast and was productive.  I moved the office around so I am most efficient with my time and energies.

My Dad might be coming to Syd’s game on Friday, and my other Dad is heartbroken because my mom was a CUNT.

Yes.  The c word.

That is all for now.

I just noticed that I put UGH in the last four of my five posts, I believe.


ps. Connor bug has a tooth!!! his left front one and the right front one is on the way…

Whoa again!!

So this weekend has been a busy busy one. Firstly, let me say that I sorted out things with the parents, and all things should be resolved and good currently. I still do not know where exactly our game is on Tuesday, and so I don’t know where we are going. I must find out tomorrow.

Yesterday my littlest brother Colt graduated from high school. Come to find out, he almost didn’t make it to graduation as he totaled his bike (motor) on Friday night taking out a few signs on the way with his body. Needless to say, thanks to his helmet and body Kevlar coat, he was able to breathe and be alive. Thank god. So Sydney, Connor and I went to that on Saturday morning, leaving Daddy dearest behind to stay at home. Then yesterday afternoon, we headed to my cousin’s house to her son’s graduation party. I saw most of my family from my grandmother’s side. Today we had a little shindig at Taira & Jeff’s for Jeff’s 29th birthday party. I baked a cake, chocolate on chocolate with pink writing and little red sprinkles. It was de-lish. Travis and Jeff got drunk and now my husband is in bed smelling of a brewery and no doubt, wanting to get lucky. Ha! 😉

My father called me tonight. Seems that my mother is back with the son of a who broke up their marriage. My dad showed up there and she had the nerve to tell him to get the fuck out of her house and that she was in love with this guy and how she has always been in love with him. I say what the fuck ever. She can be such a fucking heartless bitch. This guy is a controlling, emotionally, verbally abusive asshole. Ugh.

Tomorrow is just another day. Memorial day, that is. Travis and I may be going out to eat for our 2 year wedding anniversary, which occured on May 20th. Two years. Crazy ass shit.

Heading to bed now. No pictures to post, unfortunately. I need to get out of that habit and start putting some up here.

For those of you who don’t know, I am coaching a mini-girls softball team. The focus for this age group is really for them to learn and have fun. This is my focus and my concern. At our second practice, I had to inform the parents that I needed to change practices from Tuesday afternoons to Saturday mornings. One parent, we’ll call him HMan, gave me grief.
Here’s how it went:

me: I’m going to have to change practices from Tuesdays to Saturdays because I am starting a new job and I can’t do it.

him: I don’t know why we can’t just keep having practice on Tuesdays and have it over at the school instead of here.

me: I can’t do it on Tuesdays.

him: You don’t have to get nasty about it.

me: I’m not being nasty, I just am starting a new job and can’t do Tuesdays.

him: I think you’re just going to screw up everyone’s schedules if you change the practices.

So. Fast forward to our first game, last Saturday. HMan is not there but HWoman is. His wife. I am alternating the girls positions on the field and she tells me, “You shouldn’t switch their positions, you are just going to confuse them and they aren’t going to know what to do.” I ignore her.

So because I had like four parents all over my crap on Saturday, I type up a little friendly reminder about keeping coaching from the stands to a minimum and to stay out of the dug out if possible and about snacks and how our girls are awesome.

She then yells at me from the side lines when I am trying to tell the girls in the dug out to chill, “Pay attention to the batter.” (I pitch)


Today Travis and I have been married for two years!  It hasn’t been easy at times, but I love him more today than I did on this day two years ago when we got married.  We have come so far.  We have a beautiful daughter and a beautiful son.  We’ve been through a birth and then an adoption.  This past year has been fantastic.  I found out about a month before our last anny that I was pregnant with Connor bug.  Everything is fantastic, and if he would get a job, things would be a little less stressful.  But I am thankful that he is able to spend time with the kids and Connor bug is definitely a daddy’s boy now.

However, in the spectrum of coaching kids and softball.  I could kill parents.  I guess because I do not have a penis attached to my body, I cannot coach.  Perhaps it is also because I am a younger coach.  (Younger mom = younger coach)  Tomorrow we have our first “real” game, and I’m going to have to put it down to the parents that they need to stay out of my space and out of the dug out and that I am the coach and I am handling things.  There’s only a handful, but it’s going to happen.  I’d rather not have to do this, but I am not going to put up with what they did to me on Saturday for the rest of the season.  I have to remember to call Karen and Shawn tonight and run by them what happened so that they are prepared in case parents call them.  I’d like to be able to coach again next year if I can.

My grandpa had surgery today.  So far I’ve heard he is out and recovering and will be “good as new” in just a few days.

One of my good friends Taira is on bed rest.  She’s about 32 weeks or close, and little Logan wants to come out too early.  Her blood pressure has been jumping up where it shouldn’t.  We are hoping to go over there on Saturday for her husband’s birthday.

We also have colds.  ugh.

Lots of things going on.